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Shipping and Payments
Payment and delivery

Delivery is provided by Courier throughout Europe based on the selected country.

 The ordered product under HUF 23 000 costs HUF 1900, depending on the chosen delivery method.

The fee for cash on delivery is HUF 490.

In the case of payment by bank transfer in advance, please contact your bank for information on the fee related to international transfers.

ATTENTION: All shipments are marked as  "Only for delivery to persons over 18 years of age!"

Our products cannot be purchased by persons under the age of 18.

The courier and Packeta staff will not hand over the goods without presenting an identity card.


 The individual shipping costs and discounts:

GLS Courier  delivery time 1 - 2 working days (Monday to Friday)

The courier service will notify you by e-mail on the day of delivery and by phone

For orders worth HUF 2000 - HUF 22 000, the postage is HUF 1900.

For orders worth HUF 22 000 - HUF 30 000, the postage is HUF 950.

For orders worth HUF 30 000 - HUF 49 500, the postage is HUF 800

Packeta parcel point  delivery time 1-3 working days (Monday to Friday)

You will receive SMS and e-mail notifications about your package

For orders worth HUF 2000 - HUF 19 000, the postage is HUF 1500.

For orders worth HUF 19 000 - HUF  27 000, the postage is HUF 600.

For orders worth HUF 27 000 - HUF 45 000, the postage is HUF 0 

For orders worth HUF 45 000 - HUF 220 000, the postage is HUF 0 

The selected goods, which are in stock,  will be delivered within  24-72 hours for orders placed before 3:00 p.m.  on working days  (Monday to Friday). In exceptional cases, this time may be extended.

Any changes to the delivery time will be indicated on the home page.

Our warehouse is closed on weekends and holidays, so your order will only be processed on the next working day in order of receipt.

Before ordering, please find out about the rules of the country where the order is placed regarding the product, and only then place the order.

In certain countries, it is strictly forbidden   to buy (even order online), use, possess, or distribute the products distributed by